The history of Scarabeo Camping

It is in Punta Braccetto, below the parallel of Tunis, that you will find Camping Scarabeo. The small tourist resort in the province of Ragusa enjoys a mild climate, sand dunes, and the sea breeze.

The camping site extends over two lots, totaling approximately 12,000 square meters. Both have direct access to the sandy Vigliena beach, which embraces the azure waters of the Sicilian Channel along with a chain of rocks at its extremes.

What you now know as Camping Scarabeo was born from the genius of a man, Giuseppe Nobile, a literature teacher and middle school principal. After retiring in the late 1960s, he decided to create a profession that would allow him to enjoy the view of the sea, along with his wife Nella and son Daniele.

And so, the Nobile family welcomed their first Sicilian and German guests who came to stay on the barren piece of land, finally putting on their flip-flops and enjoying the crystal-clear water. Then, at sunset, they would try in vain to shake off the fine sand from their legs with water before getting back into their scorching cars and bidding farewell to the Nobles: “Good Sunday, thank you for everything, until next time.”

Thus, the bare piece of land experienced footsteps, laughter, barbecues, stories, dialects, and different languages. Promising as it was, the family decided to adorn the lot with plants and trees—it had become so familiar to regular customers that they decided to put down roots and make that place their home. Even during summer nights, the piece of land would sense the whispers of children and the snoring of adults.

The story of Camping Scarabeo is comparable to the composition of a poem, with its first verses sketched by Giuseppe, a man of the trade, whose plot was solidified by the skillful and meticulous teacher Nella, and whose meaning was attributed by the young and sensitive Daniele.

This is a story of love and perseverance, of missing pieces and suffering, of generations and change. After the death of her son and husband, Nella decided to make her two grandchildren, Angela and Salvatore, the universal heirs.

The two, children of the twins Giuseppe and Giovanni Di Modica, along with Concetta, Salvatore’s wife, merged the old campsite, which the twins had been managing, with the name Scarabeo, located 50 meters to the left along the descent.

The three revolutionized the two areas, drawing inspiration from the colors of the surrounding area and using natural and sustainable materials. Thus, from the early 2000s, Scarabeo began its transformation into the green paradise that you can visit today.