The beaches

Scarabeo Camping

The beaches are the main attraction for tourists exploring the Sicilian coast. The Green and Blue areas of Scarabeo Camping serve as windows to the sea, thanks to their direct access to the beautiful Punta Braccetto or Vigliena beach. It is the perfect beach for children, with fine golden sand and shallow waters. In the morning, it is a haven for those who enjoy long walks. Throughout the day, it offers leisure activities for people of all ages. At sunset, Vigliena beach leaves spectators in awe with a new spectacle of colors every day.
However, it is not the only beach where you can enjoy the sea breeze. In this regard, we would like to introduce you to the surrounding beaches, some of which are within walking distance, while others can be reached by car or bicycle.

Vigliena Tower

The Vigliena beach is named after the presence of the Vigliena Tower, a coastal defense tower built in the late 1500s located on the Colombara promontory to the west. It is here that the Allies landed in July 1943. It is not recommended to reach the Vigliena Tower directly from the beach, but to follow this safe route: walk to the roundabout of Piazza dei Tramonti, located 800 meters to the left of Scarabeo Camping, and continue along the sandy part of the beach on the left on the roundabout until you reach the rocky path where the tower stands.

Scoglio Piatto

The cliff that embraces Vigliena beach on the left allows access to a rocky beach without an official name, known locally as ‘Scoglio Piatto‘ due to the characteristic flatness of the rock. The seabed is deep, making it suitable for snorkeling and observing marine flora and fauna. It is also pleasant to relax on the rocks and watch fishing enthusiasts enjoying a peaceful moment.

Tramonti beach (Sunset beach)

At sunset, it is customary to head to the beach known as ‘Spiaggia dei Tramonti‘ or Sunset Beach. It is located 800 meters from the campsite: to find it, you need to follow the left avenue until the road ends. The sand meets the rocks and merges with them. To bid farewell to the day like the locals do, we recommend moving to the rocks closest to the sunset.

Randello beach

In the area of ‘Canalotti‘, characterized by high cliffs and deep seabeds, you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful Randello Beach, also known as ‘Spiaggione’, which stretches for almost two kilometers without beach clubs or kiosks. It is the ideal beach for those who prefer silence and long walks. The beach borders the Randello Nature Reserve and is also a nesting site for the eggs of the most common Mediterranean sea turtle, the ‘Caretta caretta’.

Passo Marinaro
and Kamarina

Continuing along the coast, you will find the beaches of Passo Marinaro and Kamarina, both characterized by fine white sand and equipped with beach clubs. It is recommended to visit the Regional Archaeological Museum of Kamarina and then relax on Kamarina Beach, surrounded by the history you have just learned about.

Torre di Mezzo

To the east of Vigliena Beach, after ‘Scoglio Piatto’, you will find ‘Torre di Mezzo‘, which serves as a promontory for its own beach. From this coastal defense tower, you can see Torre Vigliena to the right and Torre Scalambri to the left, hence its name ‘di Mezzo’ (in the middle). All three towers were part of a defense system against Barbarian attacks.

Punta secca beach

The last tower, Torre Scalambri, located 4 kilometers from the camping site, is situated on Punta Secca Beach, to the right of the harbor. It is famous due to the television series “Inspector Montalbano.” On the same beach, you can find the house of the inspector and the Punta Secca lighthouse.

Spiaggia delle Anticaglie

Continuing along the coast towards Caucana, you will come across another stretch of beach locally known as ‘delle Anticaglie‘ (of the Antiquities) because it is surrounded by pieces of history. You will indeed be able to observe remains brought to the surface by archaeologists on the same beach and visit the Archaeological Park of Caucana.