Green Camping

Scarabeo Camping

Since the beginning, Scarabeo Camping has distinguished itself for its journey towards sustainability.

During the renovation of Scarabeo’s Green area in the early 2000s, Salvatore chose to work with materials such as wood, stainless steel, and locally sourced bamboo that grows naturally along the surrounding waterways for the construction of the pergolas. In particular, the beams are produced in our workshop: built with wood and steel accessories, they contribute to the circular economy.

Our guests are welcomed with a tour on electric golf carts, which we use to move around the two Green and Blue areas and for cleaning and maintenance of the camping site. At Scarabeo, our mission and yours for a cleaner world does not go on vacation. In fact, Scarabeo cares about environmental issues, and it is our duty and that of our guests to participate in separate waste collection, for which we have built a private ecological island where bins are arranged for plastic, paper, organic waste, and non-recyclable waste.

Recently, Scarabeo has taken a decisive step towards renewable energy: the use of a photovoltaic park makes us self-sufficient, through the production of excess energy during the day, which is fed into the national grid.

At Scarabeo, our mission and yours for a cleaner world does not go on vacation.

Finally, Scarabeo Camping is green in the true sense of the word. The vegetation inside the camping is characterized by Mediterranean shrubland. The lawns adapt to the high temperatures reached in the summer and therefore require little water. The colors of Sicilian citrus fruits such as lemons, mandarins, mandaranci, and kumquats frame the gravel paths. The oleander, which requires very low amounts of water, provides shade on hot summer days. Scarabeo camping continues its journey towards sustainability and invites guests to do the same starting from the smallest actions, even on vacation.